Vanessa Croce
Manager/Lead Instructor
Preston & Ivanhoe
4th Dan Black Belt

Vanessa Croce is our powerhouse Lead Managing Instructor at Preston.

Vanessa has been training at Team Carlo since she was 11 years old and is preparing for her 5th Dan Black Belt.


Drawing on her 14 years of personal experience, Vanessa is passionate about the challenge and personal growth that is possible as a result of learning taekwondo.

Vanessa attributes her confidence and empowerment to the many opportunities that have been presented to her in her role at Team Carlo over many years.

Vanessa loves a challenge and is ready and raring to give anything a go!

Sarah Tyrrell
Manager/Lead Instructor
Taylors Lakes

3rd Dan Black Belt

Sarah Tyrrell joined Team Carlo with her eldest son in 2013 to begin their taekwondo path together, later joined by her youngest son.


Sarah’s path as a student and instructor has taken her life in a personal and professional direction she never imagined was possible.


In her role as Manager and Lead Instructor at Taylors Lakes, Sarah feels deeply grateful and honoured to impact her students life through taekwondo. 

Teaching life skills like resilience, perseverance and courage will shape their future in a uniquely positive way, as it has done and will continue to do for her own family.


Sarah’s passion and talent for singing is the envy of many of her colleagues!

Georgina Hadj
Customer Service Manager
Airport West

3rd Dan Black Belt

Georgina and her family have been a part of the Team Carlo community for over 15 years.


Firstly as a mother of her two Black Belt sons (now young men), a 3rd Dan Black Belt student, an Instructor and the Customer Service Manager at Airport West.


In her role, Georgina shares her passion, wisdom and experience as a mother and as a student to support our families on their taekwondo path.


Rock music lights her up, so don’t be surprised if you hear AC/DC or Led Zeppelin in the music mash-ups in class!

Gerry Massimino
Customer Service Manager

4th Dan Black Belt

Gerry Massimino is living proof that taekwondo can be learnt at any age. Gerry took up taekwondo at age 55 and is now preparing for her 5th Dan Black Belt.


In her role as Customer Service Manager over 12 years, she feels honoured to have witnessed countless personal development journey in our students and she takes pride in fostering a family orientated environment – it’s personal.


Gerry attributes her optimal health and well-being and confident outlook on life to taekwondo.


Gerry’s family are her pride and joy.

Clare Nisbet
Administration & Communications Manager

Clare Nisbet and her family joined the Team Carlo community in 2014.


Clare wanted a life skill activity for her children that would build their confidence, emotional resilience and support their physical development.


Through her own experience, Clare has become an advocate for the crucial role parents play in supporting the child's life skill development, setting a strong foundation for their future.


Clare took up the challenge and is on her way to becoming a Black Belt.


For Clare, it’s a privilege to support Team Carlo families and the community in understanding and valuing the opportunity to learn taekwondo as a life skill.