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Taekwondo - through a parent's eyes

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

My son is a very gentle and sensitive kid who loves sport – any sport. He and I were so alike in personality as young kids - sensitive, emotional, shy and timid. He was vulnerable and I could see that we were potentially going to walk the same path growing up.

I needed help.

A chance encounter with an instructor from Team Carlo would change the course of mine and my son’s life. I listened to this man talk about taekwondo and how it supported a child’s  development. Words like life skills, confidence, resilience, self-assurance, strength and power were music to my ears. 

Thank you universe.

A call to 1800 teamcarlo the next day and we were booked in for a trial in the Warrior Program.

I knew nothing about taekwondo or martial arts for that matter. “Wax on, wax off” and other Daniel Laruso (Karate Kid) one-liners was about the extent of my exposure to martial arts growing up.

As I listened to the instructors and watched Olie in his trial, my maternal instinct kicked in and I knew from that moment this would be a non-negotiable activity for him for years to come. Team Carlo was exactly where he needed to be.

My younger daughter also trialled the next week in the Ninja Program – a completely different kid in every way and I wasn’t sure about whether it was ‘for her’. My daughter has, and will need taekwondo just as much as my son. 

That is the beauty of taekwondo, it sets such strong foundation and supports every child wherever they are at. Her story is still in the making…

Team Carlo Taekwondo has taught my son life skills beyond what I could have ever imagined. Discipline, focus, perseverance, determination and self control are just some of the skills that have helped shape him into a quietly confident, self-assured young man. 

There are many moments where I have marvelled at his capacity to deal with emotionally challenging situations at school, home and on the field, knowing that without taekwondo it would have turned out very differently. 

My son is still sensitive and gentle and for that I am very grateful - taekwondo hasn’t changed him but strengthened his depth of character. 

5 years on and Olie is about to grade to his 2nd Poom Black Belt. He has been invited to join the Leadership Team for 2019 where he will start the path towards hopefully becoming an instructor at Team Carlo – another goal he is determined to achieve. 

If the last 5 years are anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what his future at Team Carlo holds.

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