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The Team Carlo Difference

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Taekwondo is valuable life skill that sets a strong foundation – physically, mentally and emotionally - for your child.

We are industry leaders because our points of difference set us part.

Our #corevalue? #Confidence

Building confidence and #selfassurance in our students is at the heart of everything we do. 

The Team Carlo vision is to provide our students with a #strongfoundation to approach their life with confidence and self-belief to achieve their goals.

#AgeBased Programs

Team Carlo programs are designed to complement our student’s phase of learning. 

By structuring our classes based on age groups and then by belt rank, we can tailor the programs specifically to each child’s needs. 

Students can feel assured and comfortable that they are working with other students at their own age and at their own level.

#InstructorStudentRatios - Taekinda & Ninja 1:5 Warrior 1:6

Research has shown that small group structured learning is the best model for students to learn effectively and efficiently. 

Each student’s developmental timing is unique and greatly influenced by the world around them outside of taekwondo. 

Team Carlo prides itself on providing individualised attention and support through our unique assessment and grading system so they can learn and develop at their own pace.

Fully trained and qualified instructors 

#CarloMassimino carefully selects, trains and develops our team of #fullyqualifiedinstructors

Our instructors have completed the Team Carlo instructor training pathway: Leadership Team - Internship - Junior Instructor - Senior Instructor.

Our instructors are always working towards striking a balance between teaching #discipline, #selfcontrol and #respect but also creating an environment where the students feel #supported, #engaged, #encouraged and #empowered.

Programs designed by dual Olympian, #CarloMassimino

Carlo has developed the programs to primarily build confidence, #selfesteem and #resilience in our students.

By providing a nurturing environment, our students greatly benefit from the  modernised and accelerated teaching methods. Carlo has developed these methods from his wealth of experience and knowledge as a professional athlete for 10 years.

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