Taekwondo Warriors

White belts become Black belts 7 years +

Taekwondo Warriors begin the path from white belt to black belt. Specific classes are run for each belt level to ensure maximum learning potential. At this age we begin to look at different life skills appropriate to this age group:​

Here's an overview for the goals of development of children ages 7 to 9:


Physically - 

The goal for the program is to get them to perform technical blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances while applying power. Also, to get them to apply speed to motion without looking sloppy.



The goal for the program is to get them to concentrate on the task at hand despite other distractions. Also, get them to retain simple information without trying to put excessive thought into it.



The goal for the program is to help them persevere through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up. Also, help them face their fears.  



The goal for this program is to help them build socialisation skills, know how to address problems and challenges properly without losing control.