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All thanks to your program. 


I want to say a huge thank you to you and your staff for such an amazing program you offer at Team Carlo.

For over three years, Luke has attended countless appointments to increase his fine motor skills, his balance, stop him from walking on his toes and general core strength. Your program in 6 months, has rectified most of the above not to mention creating a smile on his face every Wednesday.  At a recent occupational therapy session, his therapist was astonished at his level of upper body strength and control. All thanks to your program. 

Your staff are amazing. 

Well done on such a great business. 


Greetings  Team Carlo


I cannot thank you and the team enough for everything you have done for my boys.  They have flourished and confidence and ability. Last night’s grading was such a delight for the whole family (I think we raised the roof!!) Your values, ethics and discipline encourage the children so very well to be self-disciplined, proud and confident.  This has truly given my boys a sound basis to work from and quiet confidence to be the very best they can. Thank you.

Yours sincerely


Alif Kocak and Family

"Team Carlo has displayed high curriculum focus and professionalism throughout these classes".


Our Lady of Mercy College is committed to providing the best educational opportunities for our students. As part of our Year 9 Physical Education program, classes are involved in a three week self defence course. Team Carlo has been our provider in 2007 and has displayed high curriculum focus and professionalism throughout these classes. Students are not only assisted in developing their individual skills during the sessions, but also motivated by the enthusiasm of the Team Carlo instructors.

Classes are thoughtfully planned according to students ability levels and curriculum requirements. Students participation within these classes are high due to the delivery of the courses by Team Carlo.

The college has been impressed with the professionalism of instruction received from Team Carlo and look forward to creating exciting curriculum partnerships in the future.

– Danielle Swanton – Head of Health and Physical Eduaction – Our Lady of Mercy College


Team Carlo produced Australian champions from both my boys.


As a family, we collectively train 5 days a week requiring travel of 1 hour each way which is worth it considering the outcomes that we are individually achieving.

For those not aspiring to participate in the Athlete Program, the club offers the more traditional side of Taekwondo such as self defense, poomse and ‘life kick’ classes. All the Instructors practice what they preach and there is the right ratio of instructors to students ensuring individual coaching in each lesson.

I personally give this club a 10 out 10!


– George Afonczenko